Using the most innovative technology, we provide customised solutions at extremely competitive rates. You can count on us to deliver your shipment punctually and reliably, wherever it may need to go.

As a result of our longstanding relationships with major importers in Africa, loading authorities are obtained far faster than the average. Documents are also vetted before shipment, thus minimising time delays even further.

Road Freight
High Value Logistics
Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Warehousing & Storage

Road freight

We offer domestic and cross-border trucking services as well as correspondents based in strategic locations so you can ship your goods along all your business routes.

Dedicated to providing door-to-door services and tailored solutions to clients, we always adhere to the highest standards of quality and comply with environmental regulations. This networking of suppliers and services makes us a leading player within the industry. Count on our range of land transport solutions to keep you in the lead.

Our team will handle the entire surface supply chain, whether you need just a single parcel delivered or a comprehensive surface supply chain. We have a fleet of trucks that can transport goods to any location and we’ve already helped millions of shipments go smoothly with our road freight shipping solutions.

We strive for quality and timely delivery, so you can rest assured that your product is in good hands.

From beginning to end, you can rely on us for our level of trust and reliability, with operations through South Africa as well as SADEC and COMESA countries.

High Value Logistics

Our cargo services include transporting banknotes, gold coins, precious metals, diamonds, jewellery, gems, art, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and other valuables. Additionally, we offer insurance and customs clearance services.

Customised valuables solutions include:

Private Charter – We use an armoured vehicle to transport goods to the aircraft from a customer-specified location. A custodian is assigned to safeguard your shipment while it travels. If certain routes are shared, flights may be combined.

Airline Freight – The goods are collected from a specified location by the customer, delivered to a secure facility at the airport and placed on the airline of the shipping company. Through our footprint, we are able to handle shipments to over 30 African countries without subcontracting.

Ground Haul – Using our armoured fleet, we provide secure ground transportation. Those who want bulk shipments will be escorted by a Tactical Unit with assistance from a reputable trucking company. Air support and air surveillance can also be arranged for high-value shipments.

Tactical Support Units (Escort Services) – A team of highly trained Tactical Support Units will ensure that your goods get from point A to B safely while our National Control Centre oversees and coordinates operations.

Air freight (International)

A wide selection of first-class airlines provides excellent transportation connections as well as tracking our shipments continuously. You can count on our air freight products to stay on schedule, and keep your budget in check, whether your shipment needs to be delivered quickly or you have large cargo to ship. Our service types are varied so that everyone can find something that suits their needs and requirements.

All cargo is handled with the highest degree of security, from the time it is picked up by carefully selected partners, to the time it is stored in security-equipped facilities that comply with all current regulations, until it is delivered to its final destination, where local operators manage customs clearance and delivery arrangements.

Globally, we operate from offices staffed by highly skilled operators and offer both consolidated and direct services.

Ocean freight

When you need to move large volumes at low cost, ocean freight is an ideal option.

Our experience and global presence allows us to handle many of the major routes in the world along with deep knowledge of customs and international traffic regulations. We move vast amounts of containers every year.

Our ocean freight service ships containers to ports worldwide, making us an industry leader for ocean freight forwarding.

Through strong relationships with major, trustworthy, and efficient maritime carriers, we provide competitive and flexible services, and manage large amounts of traffic even during peak season, offering guaranteed cargo spaces at affordable rates.

Warehousing & Storage

With an extensive network of warehousing solutions, we cater to a diverse range of clients. In addition to shared and dedicated warehousing, we offer refrigerated storage facilities and medical equipment storage to meet the unique requirements of our clients across several industries.

Moreover, we offer businesses storage and logistics solutions for dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals/materials that have dangerous elements.

Our experience and expertise, along with well-trained staff, will ensure that your goods are handled responsibly, reliably, and safely.

From Multi-Principle Facilities to Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals Solutions – we have it covered.

Hazchem Transportation

As a Hazchem-certified organization, we specialize in transporting hazardous chemicals.

In addition to our drivers and trucks being properly equipped for hazardous chemical transport, our trucks are also equipped with all the necessary safety equipment.

We provide hazardous chemical training to all drivers, and we require them to hold a Hazchem license and a dangerous goods permit (DGP).

Our fleet of vehicles are equipped with fire extinguishers, appropriate signage, licenses for dangerous goods, cut-out switches, and satellite tracking so that our drivers can be tracked in real-time and remain safe.

In addition to Goods in Transit insurance, we ensure full compliance with Dangerous Goods, Trem cards, Declarations and Route Planning as required.

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